Monday, 7 November 2011

Back Issues: December 2011

The December 2011 issue of AMRM is now available as a back issue.

December 2011 contents
This issue features the HO scale P87 PTCofNSW exhibition layout, Bowen Creek,
built by Andrew Campbell (with the assistance of Ian Millard). 

For an added bonus, here are two videos of Bowen Creek, both made at the 2011 Thornleigh exhibition.
I shot this one while taking the photographs for the article.

This video was posted by Andrew and shows an 'in cab' ride through Bowen Creek. 

The feature articles include Robert Parnell's description of the place where he works
and his model of same:
and Ian Dunn's Prototype File describing the
Sellers-built 50' and 60' turntables used by the NSWGR:
If certain plans come to fruition, we may be able to announce the reason for this Prototype File in the February issue...

Our increased pages Christmas bonus issue has allowed us to include quite a few extra modelling articles, plus the regular features, such as 'Beyond the Fence' (this time from Western Australia) and Gallery, this issue featuring models from Queensland and northern NSW.

We review the new HO scale SEM VR FP bogie horsebox kit, the r-t-r SAR OB open wagons from Orient Express Reproductions, the etched brass NSW LWW well wagon kit from AndIan, plus a new VR U van advertising decal from Signs of all Kinds. On the electronic side we review the Singlet accessory decoder and servo motor kit, the Uhlenbrock infra-red DCC controller and the MyLocoSound large scale sound card. To go with the MyLocoSound review we bring you a video on the item, as it is rather difficult to describe how things sound in print!

All this, plus over seven pages of new product news, still provides plenty of interesting browsing.

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James McInerney
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  1. Are you going to do a "James corner" video segment?

  2. Iain, I think the answer to that is above... ;o)

  3. do you do shipping of this issue outside US? i really need this for my n gauge and model train project.

  4. n gauge, do you mean do we ship *to* the US? Yes, we do ship to the US (and everywhere else outside Australia), just follow the 'buy now' or 'subscribe' links to our webpage and follow the links to order a single issue, or subscribe if you would like to get AMRM regularly and reliably!