Monday, 30 January 2012

Oh dear...

Many of our readers have noticed the major faux pas we managed to incorporate in AMRM Issue 292 (February 2012). Unfortunately, thanks to last minute changes to content and a proofreading oversight, we managed a major print error in Ross Hurley's article, Make a Backscene from Photographs. This has led some readers to contact our office to enquire if the entire article had been printed, as they were concerned that part may have been omitted.
Luckily, all that occurred was that the first section was printed twice and no part of the article was left out.

The unnecessary section of the article has been shown in the illustration below. Ignore that section and the article will read how the author originally intended.

Apologies to our readers who may have been confused by this unfortunate error.

James McInerney
Production Manager


  1. I was just checking as I have not yet received my subscription issue for the Feb 2012 Issue.
    Location Strathpine Qld

    1. If you have a problem with subscriptions not arriving, you need to contact the AMRM office, either by email: or phone: (02) 9311 2036 (till 3pm weekdays). Unfortunately, we can't fix the problem via the blog, as we don't appear to have a subscription going to 'anonymous' of Strathpine... ;)