Monday, 10 September 2018

The October 2018 issue of AMRM is now available

The October 2018 issue of AMRM is now available. The subscriber copies have been sent out (if yours hasn't arrived, please contact the office during working hours) and the shop and newsagents should all have their copies by now. 

The digital version of AMRM was be released by Zinio on Wednesday 19 September.

The October 2018 cover.

The contents page.

This issue's feature layout carries on the 'minimum space' theme from last issue, spotlighting Little Chipping, the latest in a series of minimum space Victoria-themed exhibition layouts constructed by the Murden family over the last thirty or so years.

Furthering the 'minimum space' theme is the latest instalment in Tom Carlos's Billabong Marina series, this time concentrating on adding industries.

Layouts are definitely the theme of this issue, with Trevor Hodges taking time out from penning In the Loop to describe how he built his layout's aluminium-framed baseboards.

The layout has been built and now you want to run it. Brian Peacock discusses an alternative to the classic method of controlling each train manually.

The construction of individual items of rolling stock has not been ignored in this issue, after all, we need something to run on all those layouts! Peter Ennis describes construction of a picturesque, but pretty much forgotten, item of VR rolling stock. 

The r-t-r revolution has made things a lot easier than in the old days when one had to do everything oneself, but that doesn't mean one can't take a good r-t-r locomotive and make it better! This month's On the Workbench details, 'chips' and weathers an Austrains 30 class tank locomotive.

If you want to see some very fine modelling, then the annual Modelling the Railways of South Australia convention is a good place to go! This issue's Gallery features some of the 3'6" narrow gauge models that were displayed at the 2017 convention.

The Reviews section looks at a very significant release from Auscision, the NSW 48/SA 830 class locomotive, r-t-r in HO scale. Also covered are two self-published books from the owner of last issue's feature layout, Phil Overton.

Things are quiet on the commercial scene at the moment (the AMRA (NSW) Liverpool exhibition is coming!), but we still have an interesting four-page Recent Releases/News section to tide us over until the expected Liverpool deluge of new models arrives!

We also have available an online version of AMRM to compliment our traditional paper version. You can purchase the paper version from newsagents, hobby shops and specialist bookshops (or direct from AMRM if none of the above are convenient), while the online version can be purchased either through us or direct from Zinio International.

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