Friday 16 November 2012

Back Issue: December 2012

The December 2012 issue of AMRM is now available as a back issue.

The contents of the December  issue

Rather than just one feature layout this month, we are showcasing a number of layouts that appeared at the 50th Australian Model Railway Association (NSW branch) exhibtion at Liverpool on the October long weekend.

The general contents of this issue cover a wide range of topics including

Construction of whitemetal locomotive kits.

A look at a rural model railway club that must be doing something right by its members
to have lasted 35 years so far and still be going strong.

Scratchbuilding a four-wheel stock wagon and, to make it even more impressive,
it's in N scale! 

Getting rid of those unsightly gaps between passenger cars.

Another installment in the ever popular 'Today's Railway Scene', covering the IRA.

Ian Black's definitive work describing the construction of the NSWGR and VR's
Southern Aurora in HO scale could not be accomodated in this issue, but will continue in the February issue with the next chapter describing construction of the BCS lounge cars.

All this, plus Beyond the Fence, the Superintendent's Notebook, a short article on improving the running of the Eureka CHG (applicable to all manufacturer's r-t-r rolling stock) and twenty pages of reviews (including the Austrains NSWGR 'American' end-platform cars, AndIan BLV 36' louvred van kit, IDR B four-wheel open wagon kit, SDS NSWGR milk tanker and VR KQ container flat , SEM GZ/RY/IZ open wagon kits, Orient Express SAR DWf four-wheel van, plus books, a signal and carriage lighting accessory) and new product news will provide hours of reading pleasure. 

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James McInerney
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