Monday 8 September 2014

Back Issue: October 2014 AMRM

The October 2014 issue of AMRM is now available as a back issue, either direct from SCR Publications or online from Zinio.

On the cover...

October is our traditional 'John Dennis' feature layout issue, but, having run out of narrow gauge layouts to photograph, John has once more turned his camera towards Victoria's broad gauge scene with Greg Coombs' HO scale model of Yea.

Greg shows just what can be achieved in part of a small garage in the average home.

The contents of this issue should inspire a few modelling projects.
Many of us have Lima passenger cars in our collection. Brett Kavanagh has detailed a couple of them to represent the prototypes as running in their final years during the 1980s.

Mark Laidlay has prepared a comprehensive guide to adding more weight to the Eureka R class, complete with dimensioned drawings of the weights and an illustrated guide to assembly.

Another of Leon Oberg's grandsons, Bailey Thorpe, shows that talent must be genetic and provides the modern era modeller with a selection of useful photos of current operations. Leon is determined to get more young people into the hobby, even if he has to get his children to breed them for him!

Ron Cunningham returns with another Branchline Ramblings on current trends in the hobby (no, he hasn't demolished Werris Creek and taken up modelling the QR!)

This issue's Gallery features some of the superb steam locomotives modelled by Allan English, with an extended description of how he added some distinctive detail to his models.

Also included are a couple of very useful small articles, one by Bob Quick on a method of fixing the infamous Trainorama clicking gearbox and the other by Bruce Walker on making corrugated iron sheets. Ralph Holden also provides another Superintendent's Notebook, this time a cautionary tale on the dangers of digging holes in baseboards!

Unlike last issue, the Review section in this issue is a monster, thanks to the large number of models that have been released over the last couple of months. In HO scale we review On Tracks Models' NSWGR TRC vans, plus their VR BLX and VLX vans, Columbia Models NSWGR K wagon, Casula Hobbies' NPCF and SDS Models' NPRY cement hoppers, Orient Express Reproductions' SAR M vans and Austrains' NSWGR LFX and HCX 'dogbox' carriages. In N scale we review Aust-N-Rails VR/SAR FQX and NSW OCX container flats.

Once you have digested that, then there is six pages of News and Recent Releases! The commercial side of the hobby is certainly buoyant at the moment!

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