Wednesday 13 May 2020

The June 2020 issue of AMRM is now available

The June 2020 issue of AMRM should now be available at most outlets. It is scheduled to be available from all outlets by Monday 25 May.

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The digital version of the June 2020 AMRM was released by Zinio on Thursday 21 May.

The June 2020 cover.

The contents page.

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, we have managed to bring you a bumper 80 page issue.

The feature layout this issue definitely illustrates the old adage that a layout doesn't have to be big to be good. Anthony Veness describes his magnificent Queensland Railways HOn3.5 'minimum space' exhibition layout, which can rightly be described as a little 'gem'.

This issue features even more 'infrastructure' projects, starting with part 2 of Don Bishop's series on building an SAR goods shed.

Carrying on the theme, Graeme Barnes describes how he built an HO model based on the flour loading silos at Gunnedah, just the thing for the modern-era freight service modellers.

Most layouts feature roads, so Mitchell Campton shows how to make suitable road signs to guide our miniature road users.

As always, to model infrastructure properly, one needs to know what the prototype looks like and Phil Jeffery's Beyond the Fence series has been providing that information on a regular basis for many years. His latest 'BtF' covers a row of very 'modelegenic' shops in the Victorian town of Belgrave.

This issue also features an 'On the Workbench' featuring the construction and painting of another vital piece of infrastructure, a signal box. This WW2-era building is a Hawksmoor kit, available from Casula Hobbies.

Rolling stock has not been forgotten either, with two articles on building wagons, one from the very early days and the other from more recent times.

Ian Dunn describes a variation that can be made to a Redfern Works 'early days' NSWGR A wagon kit, while Brett Kavanagh converts an r-t-r modern era open wagon into a vehicle for the use of shunters.

If you thought our feature layout managed a lot in a small space, wait until you see what John R B Parker has achieved in O scale!

With DCC becoming even more widespread, a very useful piece of 'kit' is the programing track, which Les Fordham has managed to make portable!

DCC is also the subject of this issue's 'In the Loop' column from Trevor Hodges where he discusses the phenomenon of the 'tribes' of supporters that have coalesced around the various systems available on the market.

The Gallery this issue was originally designed to celebrate the Waverley Model Railway Club's 2020 exhibition, which was to have marked 50 years of exhibitions organised by the club. Sadly, the COVID-19 crisis resulted in the cancellation of this year's event, but we can still enjoy a 'virtual' exhibition with pages featuring images of some of the layouts that have appeared at the club's previous exhibitions.

Despite the economic downturn that was occurring even before the COVID-19 crisis hit, we have still managed to fill seven pages with interesting new models and other relevant material in the Reviews, Recent Releases and News sections. 

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