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Back Issue: AMRM October 2016

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The October 2016 cover.

The contents of the October issue

The October issue's feature layout is traditionally illustrated by John Dennis and this year is no exception. John has provided another collection of superb photos to illustrate the HO scale VR exhibition layout, Fogarty's Gap, supporting the text provided by the layout's builder, Bob Gartside.

Fans of the Victorian Railways should enjoy this issue, as not only is the feature layout a model of Victorian prototype, but we are also starting a major, three-part article on modelling VR timber bridges in this issue.
The first part of David Foulkes three-part series covers the prototype aspects of the longitudinal deck timber bridges, including two pages of superb Lindsay Bennett drawings.

The second part of the article, covering the bridges with transverse decks, is currently scheduled to appear in the December AMRM.

We haven't forgotten the modellers of NSW prototype, particularly those poor, neglected souls who model the 1980s, as Nathan Cox has written a basic 'how-to' on how he has modelled most of the PTC/SRA fleet of Supplementary Interurban Cars, converted from redundant 72'6" wooden cars in the late 1970s/early 1980s to cater for the growing demand for commuter carriages on the services to the west, north, south and Illawarra lines.

Now that more and more modellers are progressing to building layouts, rather than just rolling stock, there are lots of little details that need to be added to a layout for which information is not always easily available. Craig Mackie shows us how to model typical lineside fencing, in this case, supported by drawings of standard NSWGR lineside fences from the AMRM collection.

While many are happy to pull the current crop of excellent r-t-r locomotives out of the box and 'plonk' them on the layout, couple up to a train and drive off, there is still room to modify them, particularly when fitting DCC. Ben O'Malley not only takes us through the steps of fitting DCC to a modern r-t-r locomotive (in this case, a Trainorama 48 class) he also shows how to modify the circuit boards to achieve independent control of the marker lights.

There has been a lot of discussion over the years on how one gets 'new blood' into the hobby. Rather than just talk about it, the Canberra Model Railway Club has done something about it and their efforts are described in this issue by Ron Geeves.

Well, you have built your layout and now you are wondering how it looks from the point of view of a 'scale' person riding on it. Jonathan Majer has utilised a GoPro camera to find out! The article also contains a link to the video on Youtube of the result and you can follow it here:

This issue's In the Loop with Trevor Hodges features a light-hearted look at what can happen when a club exhibits a layout at a country festival and Phil Jeffery takes AMRM's Detail Hound for a walk around Bendigo in 1976, sniffing out some details that would look very good incorporated into a model scene. 

Trevor's In the Loop series is generating some debate and feedback, including Doug O'Loughlin's reply, in the form of an 'Under Construction' article, to Trevor's claim in AMRM Issue 318 (June 2016) that one can have too much space in which to build a layout. Doug thinks not...

Sadly, we have lost a few 'names' from the hobby recently and this issue's Gallery looks back on another lost 'giant' of the hobby, the late Kev Loughhead and his ground-breaking Moping Branch Railway.

In the Reviews section we look at the r-t-r HO scale SAR 'Centenary' cars from Orient Express Reproductions and NSWGR SHG/BHG goods brakevans from SDS. Those that still like to make things themselves may find the review of the HO scale kit for a VR upper quadrant signal released by San Mateo Line to be of interest, while the book, Servo Great Australian Service Stations, will be useful for those wanting to detail a service station scene appropriately and for those looking for something a little 'different', the cardboard cut-out kit for Transport Heritage NSW's 3642 may appeal!

The commercial scene continues to be buoyant with lots of recent releases and news of upcoming models needing to be illustrated/described in the eight or so pages of the Recent Releases and News sections.

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