Sunday 6 December 2020

Back issue: December 2020 issue of the AMRM

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The December 2020 cover.

Contents page

The feature layout this issue is Tim Stewart's Mudgee  layout.  Tim has dedicated a lifetime of modelling to produce an outstanding modelling example of the NSWGR line to Mudgee.

Tim shares his experience to AMRM readers, with James McInerney providing the photographic work for this feature article.

R G Kosmider provides a no nonsense approach to scratch building points.  K G Kosmider encourages the novice to start scratch building points.  He also outlines the advantages of taking such a plunge modelling wise.  This article is applicable to any scale and outlines the tips to producing your own points with satisfying results.

Continuing our cause of encouraging modelers to looks at locations that have amazing operational potential, the AMRM team present a location to model in ultra modern, Bowmans, South Australia.
Covering the history of the development of the Super bunker. includes modelling notes, track and signal diagrams, and a suggested track plan for creating a model.
The AMRM Team also have available additional 140 detail photos for the modeler including close up shots of the facility and ancillary equipment, to enable the modeler to really get their teeth into modelling such a location!

Phil Jefferey presents a timely Detail Hound article on the Victorian Tait cars, their configurations, diagrams and research tips.
This includes 1970's details and a close up look at single car Tait conversion versions.

Following on from Mitchell Campton's Prototype file in the October 2020 issue of the AMRM.
Mitchell Campton outlines step by step techniques for scratch building a NSW Timber Road Overbridge, this is outlines techniques that can be adapted to any scale.

James McInerney returns to the pages of the AMRM with an interesting anecdote on revitalizing your older models

As a companion to Peter Clark's historical article in the October issue of the AMRM, the AMRM Team have developed detailed modelling notes for the BHP Billiton SD40Rs and SD40-2s.  
This article shows you the detail configurations, includes a complete detailed differences table (for example there are three different configurations of ditchlights).  The article also outlines the applicable models available for you to model them as closely as possible.

There is a bumper issue in regards to reviews with three detailed model reviews.

Trevor Hodges pens his regular column In the Loop...

Finally there is News from the Australian hobby world, and Mailbag...

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