Tuesday 10 March 2015

Back Issue: April 2015 AMRM

The April 2015 issue of AMRM is now available as a back issue either direct from SCR Publications or online from Zinio.

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Thanks to the excellent support from our many advertisers, we have been able to include a bonus eight extra pages in this issue.

This issue's layout article features a fine rendition of one of NSW's most iconic location, Oberon, but with the unusual feature of it having been built in Perth, about as far away as one can get from the real Oberon and still be in Australia!

Our extra eight pages has allowed us to squeeze in a few more articles than usual, covering modelling fixed wheelbase wagons on two systems, modifying a DJH locomotive kit, lighting your layout and another look, courtesy of Peter Attenborough, at the activities of a current era prototype private operator.

The Arnott's biscuit van (ABV) has always been popular with NSW modellers and AMRM editor, Ian Dunn, has put together a guide to the prototype and then followed it up with an article on modifying the r-t-r Austrains CV wagon to recreate the NSWGR's conversion of the prototypes!

Lest we be accused of a NSW bias, we have two articles on modelling Victorian Railways vehicles!

For those who like a bit of variety in their Z vans and want to reproduce some of the variation explored in Phil Dunn's article VR Z Vans in Passenger Service (AMRM Issue 309, December 2014), SEM's proprietor, David Foulkes, shows how to add buffers to his Z van kit and includes a few useful construction tips as well.

Another vehicle popular amongst modellers in all states are the cattle wagons modified to convey elephants. David Clark shows how to modify an SEM kit (the principals would work on an r-t-r version as well) of the VR M cattle wagon to accommodate elephants, plus gives a little prototype information as well. 

Excellent though they are, some modellers find the design of the motor/gearbox mounting in some DJH kits a little frustrating to assemble and then later dismantle for servicing. Alan Templeman has modified another of his DJH locomotives to simplify assemble and servicing, plus the modifications have the added advantage of increasing the locomotive's haulage power! 

Even the best modelled layout isn't much good if you can't see it! Ben Grey shows how to install LED lighting strips to good effect.

And for those who want to know where and why QUBE operates, Peter Attenborough has provided another beautifully illustrated guide to current prototype operations.

Last, but not least, of our articles is this month's Gallery, highlighting some of the magnificent modelling seen at the 2014 Hobsons Bay Easter exhibition. One assumes that the 2015 exhibition will be just as 'mouthwatering'! 

The five and a half pages of reviews highlight two significant recent r-t-r releases, those being the Haskell On30 VR NA 'Puffing Billy' and the Trainorama HO scale NSW 48 class locomotives. Also reviewed are the latest additions to the Southern Rail 'Trackside' series of ready-to-place buildings in HO scale, a very useful carry case for models from Fast Tracks and our latest book, Gerald Dee-The Life and Times of a Remarkable Railwayman by John Fowler, a very interesting and profusely illustrated book that has much of interest to modellers about the Victorian Railways in the later half of the 20th century. 

Then the six pages of Recent Releases and News will keep you up to date with what has become available lately and what is on the way in the next couple of months.

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