Thursday 12 January 2017

Back issue: AMRM February 2017

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The February 2017 cover.

Every now and then we make little changes to improve the 'look' and functionality of the magazine. The contents page hasn't changed in design for a very long time, so it was definitely time to do something about that. From this issue the contents page is a double page spread on pgs 4 and 5, with the contents displayed on the left hand side and Comment and magazine editorial information on the right hand page. Below is the new pg.4 of the contents page.

This issue's feature layout article describes Stuart Dix's HO scale modern-era Victorian layout, set in the western area of Victoria. The evolution of this layout over more than ten years makes for a fascinating long and detailed story, so part one is in this issue and part two will follow in the April 2017 issue.

The rest of the contents is as just as interesting and covers as wide a range of prototypes and modelling activities as we can squeeze in!

David Clark shows how to scratchbuild a very necessary Victorian vehicle for those wishing to operate r-t-r VR KQ container wagons in a prototypical manner.

When most people think of 'Operation', they envisage large layouts with multiple stations and multiple operators, but Arthur Hayes shows that even the smallest one-station layout can be made operationally interesting by operating it as if it is part of a larger system.

Those who claim AMRM doesn't run scratchbuilding articles anymore hasn't been paying attention! The second scratchbuilding article in this issue complete's David Foulkes' series of articles on VR timber bridges by showing how to construct one in HO scale.

With yet another scratchbuilding article, Craig Mackie shows how to build another type of fence that can be quickly assembled for even the largest layout.

Prototype info hasn't been forgotten either, with Maikha Ly going 'Beyond the Fence' to highlight some very common commercial building types that are rarely modeled.

David Jameson follows up on the recent debate about whether modelling is 'cool' or not with a description of a very credible attempt at publicising the hobby that appears to be meeting with great approval in its target market.

Have you got a couple of favourite locomotives that don't run? Garry Kahler has a 'lateral' solution, use them as scenery!

Last, but certainly not least, Peter Gleadall celebrates 80 years of the Sydney Model Railway Society with a potted history and a look at the society's two current layouts.

The Reviews section features a look at the second run of the Southern Rail HO scale r-t-r Victorian V/Locity railcars, as well as SEM's latest kit, the VR 'short' steel U vans, plus three books that will be useful to the modeller, Locomotive Enginemen of Tasmania by Nick Anchen, To the Fertile Plains Beyond: The Story of Crossing the Blue Mountains by the late, great CC Singleton and Railway Hotels of Australia - Volume Two: New South Wales by Scott Whitaker.

As this issue was prepared just before Christmas, there isn't a lot of news about, but what there was is still intriguing...

And there was one big item of news that arrived just a little to late to include in this issue. Casula Hobbies received their first complete, factory-painted samples of their HO scale, r-t-r NSWGR R type carriages. Here is a shot of part of the Tuscan and russet version of Set 108, the Caves Express set.

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