Wednesday 22 July 2015

Stop press: First sample of Model O Kits O scale NSWGR 36 class locomotive kit arrives

One of the benefits of having this blog is that we don't have to wait another two months to share news that didn't quite arrive in time to appear in the current issue of AMRM. Model O Kits have received the first complete, painted samples of their O scale NSWGR 36 class locomotive kit. More details on their website: Model O Kits

James McInerney
Production Manager

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Back Issue: August 2015 AMRM

The August 2015 issue of AMRM is now available as a back issue from SCR publications. Back issues of the digital version are available from Zinio.

The cover...

What's inside...

This issue's layout article features another of those well detailed, prototypically operated layouts that the South Australians appear to be particularly good at!
This is not quite our usual layout description article, as it concentrates on the operational activity on one station that is part of a much larger layout. If you are looking for inspiration for actually operating a layout, this will be of great interest, and the modelling is very nice as well.

Some may have noticed that we have been doing a little more in the area of 'prototypes worth modelling' in the last couple of issues. After doing a 'train worth modelling' in the last issue, this time we feature a prototype station, something I have been wanting to see in AMRM for many years. Ian Imrie submitted the text some time ago, but was not able to provide photos. However, I have managed to source photos from various collections, including my own, to illustrate it, plus we have created a suggested trackplan for a single car garage and made some extra suggestions to support Ian's text.

With articles like this we always have problems fitting in all the photos we have available, but the advent of the digital age has made 'lateral' solutions possible. About half the photos that were available were printed with the article, while digital copies of those, plus the images we didn't have room for, have been placed on our Picasa site.

You can access the extra images here:

We haven't forgotten those who like to scratchbuild vehicles either. Tony Scott has built  a model in N scale of an item of VR service stock that would look good in any scale.

For those who aren't perhaps brave enough yet to start scratchbuilding their own models, a good way to 'learn the ropes' is to undertake minor modifications to r-t-r items. Richard Barrack, proprietor of Train Hobby Publications, has written up his experiences 'fine tuning' the Austrains NSWGR 'dogbox' carriages for his layout.

And now for something completely different...
David Baillie has looked into various methods of laying track to reduce the unwanted noise of moving models. Being a noise and vibration engineer with access to some useful bits of kit, he has taken a properly scientific approach to solving the problem. It also helps that he has made some rather nice models for us to view as well!

Plus, there are the usual spread of smaller articles on various topics, including our semi-regular features, Beyond the Fence, Recycled Rollingstock and Trevor Hodges' In the Loop. The Detail Hound also makes a reappearance after being confined to his kennel for some time!

This issue's Gallery pays homage to one of those many modellers who, whilst never becoming prominent in his own lifetime, managed to bring pleasure to his family and produced a body of work that is also worth noting to a wider audience, not the least for the audacity shown by attempting to model Sydney Terminal and Eveleigh Workshops and running sheds in his front bedroom!

As usual, we make an attempt to keep abreast of the commercial side of the hobby with the Reviews, Recent Releases and News sections. With eight pages of Reviews and Recent Releases, plus another five of News, there will be plenty of opportunities to 'do your bit' for the Economy!
We review the HO scale r-t-r Southern Rail VR FX flour hoppers and Victorian and South Australian Tulloch-built 10,000 gallon rail tank cars, Casula Hobbies LHO passenger brake vans, Orient Express SAR D vans and SDS NSW NRY/NRNY refrigerator cars, plus VR split-spoke RP25-88 wheelsets from SEM and a kit for a QR buffer stop from Queensland Scale Models. We also review two books, TULLOCH A History of Tulloch Engineers & Manufacturers Pyrmont & Rhodes 1883-1974 by David Jehan (Eveleigh Press's latest publication), plus Single Deckers from Newcastle The Cars Built At Walsh Island Dockyard Volume 1 – The Power Cars C3171 to 3220 by Roy Howarth and Glenn Ryan.

There are lots of interesting items mentioned in Recent Releases, as well as updates on the many projects underway in the commercial sector mentioned in the News section.  

While there is nothing quite like holding a fresh copy of AMRM in your hand (our photos look so good on quality paper) purchased from your local hobby shop or newsagency (if they don't stock it, ask them why not!) those who have fully embraced the digital age can obtain our online version of the magazine from Zinio International.

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James McInerney
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