Thursday 9 January 2020

Back Issue: AMRM February 2020

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The February 2020 cover.

The contents page.

This issue's feature layout is the editor's favourite, as it belongs to him! This article describes the history of the Lambing Flat concept from the early versions of the layout begun in the late 1970s through to the end of 2018, when the layout moved house. It is illustrated with photos of the layout as it was at the end of 2018, just before it was dismantled for the move.

If this issue has a theme, it is definitely prototype operation, starting with an article on the modern era QR train 243/752 which ran regularly between Brisbane and Townsville in the 21st century. The article also gives a brief overview of what models are available to allow modelling of this train in HO scale.

Many modellers aspire to a large layout designed for operation, in the style very popular in the United States. Graeme Barnes discusses the issues involved in designed such a layout based on Australian prototype and operating practices. 

Not everyone has the space for the sort of layout described in Graeme's article, but it is still possible to have a lot of enjoyable operation with a well-designed small layout, as Tom Carlos shows with the final chapter in his series on his minimum-space layout, Billabong Marina.

Of course, if one wishes to operate any size layout prototypically, one needs authentic rolling stock. Ian Dunn guides us through the small modifications needed to backdate the Auscision HO scale NSWGR 36' 'fishbelly' MLV louvred van to a more accurate model for those modelling the late steam era.

Now, that authentic layout has been designed, constructed and populated with appropriate locomotives and rolling stock, but to finish it off, scenery is needed... Joe Dal Forno creates a typical vineyard to help the scenicking process along!

That layout has been designed, constructed, scenicked and is running nicely. You may now want to exhibit it! In this issue's In the Loop, regular columnist Trevor Hodges discusses his experiences with the pros and cons of exhibiting. 

You may even want to use that layout to model the Commonwealth Railways before the AN takeover. This issues Gallery takes a look at a variety of models of Commonwealth Railways prototypes from both the steam and diesel eras, courtesy of photos by Gavin Thrum and Paul Grundy.

The Reviews section covers a model of a very important item of NSWGR steam era rolling stock, the ubiquitous four-wheel open S truck, modelled in O scale by ModelOKits, plus the latest volume in the Railway Portraits series from the very talented Wheatley brothers.

The Recent Releases/News section, despite covering a traditionally quiet time of the commercial year, still manages to fill five pages with some intriguing models. 

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