Wednesday 11 May 2016

Back Issue: June 2016

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The June 2016 cover.

The contents of the June issue

We haven't covered an exhibition layout for a while, thanks to a lot of really good home layouts coming to our attention lately, but 'public' layouts haven't been forgotten! This issue covers Peter Michalak's rendition in HO scale of Bridgewater, a prototype location on the South Australian main line to Melbourne in the Adelaide hills.Seven pages of photos and description in AMRM is almost as good as seeing it 'in the flesh'!

Adrian Gunzburg continues his two-part article on operating your layout, Australian-style, from the last issue. This section covers the practicalities of setting a layout up for operation.  

This issue features not one, but two layouts. The other is Chris Wilton's HO scale Glenbourne, which shows what the classic 'average' modeller can achieve in a very small space when he sets his mind to it! There are no excuses left now for the armchair modeller to claim they don't have enough space for a layout...

Do you have some old models tucked away in the back of the box that need some work to fix their flaws and bring them up to modern day standards? Andrew George gives us a few 'hints and tips'.

The 'regular' features are there too, including the first of a new series from Beyond the Fence creator, Phil Jeffery, who has taken AMRM's own Detail Hound for a walk through the yard at Yea, Vic, describing some very modelable detail he photographed there many years ago. In the Loop with Trevor Hodges asks if a layout can be too big and Chris Pearce shows how a quick modification of a Fast Tracks turnout building jig made his life a lot easier!  

Gallery looks both forwards and backwards with coverage of some of the models seen at the 2015 Hobsons Bay exhibition in anticipation of the delights that will most likely be on display at the 2016 exhibition, due to take place on the weekend of 2-3 July.

This issue's On the Workbench, AMRM's Production Manager covers the recently released HO scale Eureka Models r-t-r NSWGR 50 class 2-8-0 steam locomotive, starting with the prototype's history, reviews the model as it comes 'out of the box' and then illustrates some changes and additions, as well as weathering it, to make it into a suitable locomotive to shunt Lambing Flat's New Yard.

In the Reviews section we look at the new Austrains HO scale r-t-r NSW 41 class diesel locomotive (the reviewer's main complaint that was no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it to burst into flame like the prototype!) and KKG horsebox, SDS Models' JCW/NQJW container flat and two publications, Through the Lens by Graham Cotterall and Jason Ferguson, plus Modratec's 2016 signalling calendar.

Despite this being a 'quiet' time of year for commercial releases, we have still manage to fill six pages with the latest Recent Releases and News.

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